William Eichler 25 November 2016

Lindsay Lohan turns down Kettering BC’s proposal

Lindsay Lohan turns down Kettering BC’s proposal

Heated negotiations between Kettering Borough Council and Hollywood star over Christmas plans have broken down, LocalGov is sorry to report.

In the aftermath of the EU referendum, the actress Lindsay Lohan was critical of the town for voting to leave. She tweeted: ‘Sorry, but Kettering where are you?’

Kettering Conservative MP Mr Hollobone described the passive aggressive tweet as ‘offensive’ and invited Ms Lohan to switch on this year’s Christmas lights to make amends.

The council proceeded to contact the Mean Girls actress’ representatives, but acknowledged she had a ‘busy schedule’.

Unfortunately, their worst fears were confirmed. Our sources (well, Twitter) reported that Ms Lohan has regretfully declined the offer citing her ‘busy schedule’.


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