Laura Sharman 10 March 2017

Harrogate tops index for best council website

Harrogate tops index for best council website

Harrogate Borough Council’s website has been named as the best local authority website in the UK.

The website - which was completely redesigned last year - has topped the latest local government Index from Sitemorse.

The website was praised for being user-friendly, easy navigation and for allowing customers to complete more tasks online.

Councillor Richard Cooper, leader of Harrogate Borough Council, said: ‘Our aim is always to help more people get the support and information they need as quickly as possible. Our old website did not do that. The council have launched a new site which has taken us from internet-zero to web-hero in under a year.

‘More people now use the site to do more things at less cost to the taxpayer. Everyone is a winner including the council's online-team with this top ranking among local authority websites.’

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