Laura Sharman 23 February 2018

Former council worker fined for snapchatting personal data

Former council worker fined for snapchatting personal data

A former apprentice at Southwark Council has been fined after illegally sharing personal information about schoolchildren and their parents via Snapchat.

Samira Bouzkraoui, 24, has been found guilty of sharing a council spreadsheet containing information about pupils and their eligibility for free school meals.

The image included the names, addresses, dates of birth and National Insurance numbers of 37 pupils and their parents.

The defendant, who worked in the education department and had received training on data protection, has now been fined £850 and ordered to pay £713 costs.

ICO criminal enforcement manager, Mike Shaw, said: 'This is yet another example of how people whose jobs give them access to personal data can end up in serious trouble after allowing temptation to get the better of them.

'Parents have the right to know that their personal information, and that of their children, is being treated with respect and in accordance with the law. Anybody who ignores that right and that law has to accept the consequences.'

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