William Eichler 06 December 2016

Drunken revellers beware of secret pee-back paint!

Drunken revellers beware of secret pee-back paint!

Chester Council has decided to crack-down on drunken urinators by covering walls with liquid-repellent paint which causes ‘splash-back’.

Fed up with partygoers using historic buildings as a toilet, the council—along with Cheshire West and CH1ChesterBID—has decided to fight back.

Anyone who confuses the city’s well-preserved Roman walls with a urinal will now get an unexpected soaking—and will face a smelly taxi ride home alone.

‘Most partygoers will enjoy the festive season and respect our beautiful city,’ said the council’s cabinet member for environment, Cllr Karen Shore.

‘However, a minority are damaging historic structures by using the city centre as a public toilet.

‘The liquid-repelling paint has been applied in secret location across the city. Anyone spending a penny in public this festive season may get more than they bargained for!’

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