William Eichler 08 March 2018

Dismissed council employee pleads guilty to fraud

Dismissed council employee pleads guilty to fraud

A former civil enforcement supervisor at Reading council has been issued a 17-week suspended jail sentence after admitting to fraud.

Melissa Holloway yesterday pleaded guilty at a magistrates’ court in Reading to 17 charges of fraud and computer misuse, including cancelling her own parking tickets and altering records.

The court handed Ms Holloway a suspended custodial sentence and ordered her to pay the council compensation of £1166.

‘Melissa Holloway was dismissed by the council in November 2017 after an internal investigation uncovered the fraudulent activity,’ said a council spokesperson.  

‘Such cases of wrongdoing by council employees are rare, but when they do occur they are dealt with robustly, as demonstrated by this successful prosecution.’

‘The council expects employees to act with honesty and integrity at all times, and where these standards are not met, swift action will be taken,’ they added.

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