Laura Sharman 09 January 2018

Devon councils consider sharing some planning functions

Devon councils consider sharing some planning functions

Plymouth City Council and Torbay Council are considering joining forces to deliver planning services.

If approved, the plan would see the two councils sharing functions such as planning compliance, major development and housing delivery.

Last year, Plymouth was invited to review Torbay’s spatial planning functions and made a number of recommendations to improve the service.

Deputy leader of Plymouth City Council, Patrick Nicholson, said: ‘We were asked to carry out a review to help Torbay get a clear picture of the improvements they need to make and are now being asked to work more closely with them so that these changes can be made at pace.

‘This paper allows us to explore thoroughly the implications for our staff and our customers.’

Cllr Derek Mills, executive lead for planning at Torbay Council, added: ‘Planning has always been much wider than the boundaries of one authority. All authorities are working more closely together to deliver housing and vital infrastructure designed to encourage economic growth and prosperity for our residents and businesses.’

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