Mark Whitehead 11 August 2017

Councils warn of 'home owning hopelessness'

Councils warn of 'home owning hopelessness'

Local government leaders have renewed calls to be allowed to build new housing after the latest figures showing a sharp rise in the number of people who cannot afford to buy their own home.

The Local Government Association (LGA) said councils need powers and funding to create a mix of affordable housing options to tackle a growing sense of 'home owning hopelessness'.

The comments follow the latest English Housing Survey which shows 70% of people renting their home expect they will never be able to afford to buy their own property, an increase from 56% in 2008/9.

The LGA is also concerned that one in five private renters are dissatisfied with their tenure, compared to less than 1 per cent of owner occupiers.

LGA housing spokesman Martin Tett said: 'It’s worrying that so many people renting a home feel a sense of home-owning hopelessness.

'We know that the shortage of houses is a top concern for people as homes are too often unavailable, unaffordable and not appropriate for the different needs in our communities.

'All types of homes - including those for affordable and social rent – have to be built to solve our this shortage, boost affordability and increase home ownership.

'For this to happen, councils desperately need additional flexibility, and access to funding, to resume their historic role as a major builder of affordable homes.'

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