Mark Whitehead 09 March 2018

Councils 'keeping control' of delayed discharge figures

Councils 'keeping control' of delayed discharge figures

Latest figures show councils have kept control over the number of people being forced to stay in hospital because of a lack of care services, local government leaders have claimed.

The figures from NHS England show the number of delayed days due to lack of social care provision rose by 1% between December and January while delays attributable to the NHS have increased by 8%.

Since last July average daily bed delays attributable to social care have decreased by 27% while equivalent delays attributable to the NHS have decreased by 10%.

Cllr Linda Thomas, vice chair of the Local Government Association’s community wellbeing board, said: 'These figures show that, despite an overall increase in the total number of delayed days, councils have kept a lid on this rise, battling against the odds during a challenging winter period when demand pressures – which have included a flu outbreak - typically rise due to worsening health conditions.

'This reflects the continuous hard work by councils to get people out of hospital in a timely and safe manner so they can return to live in the comfort of their own homes and communities close to their loved ones and families.

'Despite significant funding and resource pressures, councils are fulfilling their commitments while also delivering effective budget management.'

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