Laura Sharman 05 July 2016

Councils invited to trial plans to reduce tailgating

Councils invited to trial plans to reduce tailgating

Local authorities are being asked to pilot a new scheme to reduce tailgating and improve road safety.

Transport & Travel Research (TTR) and TRL have secured funding for the scheme which will explore how practical interventions can reduce road casualties.

Statistics from road safety charity Brake reveal that nearly half (44%) of drivers are concerned about tailgating most times that they drive on motorways, with 60% admitting they leave less than the recommended two-second gap between themselves and the vehicle in front.

Robert Gifford, chief executive of the Road Safety Trust, who provided the funding, said: 'This project tackles two important issues: close following which is of concern to many road users and driving for work which poses increased risk to all drivers.

'I hope that the Trust’s support will help to develop a useful tool for employers as they take their role in managing this issue seriously.'

Any local authority interested in helping to recruit employers within the pilot area and develop a package of behaviour change techniques should contact Marcus Jones on 01344 770552 or

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