Mark Whitehead 14 December 2018

Councils brace for cold weather

Councils brace for cold weather

Councils are well prepared to cope with freezing conditions over the winter, according to the latest report.

The Local Government Association's annual Winter Readiness Survey says more than nine in 10 councils have at least as much salt stockpiled to put on roads as last year and they have an average of nine full-size gritters each.

The association has stressed that severe cold weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable people and disrupt the delivery of services.

It has appealed to residents to play their part in helping to keep their neighbours safe.

LGA transport spokesman Martin Tett said: 'Councils are well prepared for the onset of winter and the sharp drop in temperatures, with 1.4 million tonnes of salt stockpiled.

'Despite ongoing funding pressures and competing demands on their limited resources, councils across the country have again risen to the challenge and already put measures in place to protect their residents from floods, ice, and wintry conditions.

'Councils are constantly monitoring the weather, with up-to-the-minute reports to stay one step ahead.

'Depots are filled with 1.4 million tonnes of salt and gritters are ready to be deployed instantly to make sure our local roads are clear and open to our residents where possible.'

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