Laura Sharman 14 December 2017

Council withdraws objection to unitary authorities in Dorset

Council withdraws objection to unitary authorities in Dorset

Purbeck District Council has agreed to formally withdraw its opposition to the reorganisation of local government in Dorset.

The council has previously voted not to support the proposal to create two unitary councils in the region.

However, it has now agreed to write to the secretary of state to withdraw its objection after receiving assurances its concerns about the proposal would be addressed. This includes the harmonisation of council tax, the role of town and parish councils and the safeguarding of existing Local Plans.

Cllr Gary Suttle, leader of Purbeck District Council, said: ‘Our job is to provide services to our residents and maintain those services at a reasonable cost and level of efficiency.

‘Councillors have raised concerns tonight, particularly about local representation. Residents deserve the best representation and this will only be achieved if we are part of the process. It is important we join this process so that the voice of our residents can be heard and we can do the very best for Purbeck.’

Mr Javid has already said he would support the plans in Dorset.

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