William Eichler 13 November 2018

Council spends £12,000 on four speed signs

Council spends £12,000 on four speed signs

Bournemouth council has spent thousands of pounds installing speed signs along the promenade in an attempt to slow cyclists down.

Cyclists and pedestrians both make use of the beach-front walkway. This has led to a number of collisions, including one last year when a 72-year-old woman was hit by a cyclist travelling 20mph.

The borough council has installed four digital signs that pick up the speed of passing cyclists and advise them of the 10mph speed limit.

These signs will change to show no cycling during the cycling ban period in July and August between 10am and 6pm when the beach is particularly busy.

‘Cycling along the promenade is a pleasure that many residents and visitors enjoy and the council actively promote as a safe route to commute and keep fit,’ said a council spokesperson.

‘The interactive signs are designed to encourage cyclists and delivery vehicles to slow down and help ensure the promenade is safe for all to use.’

Sam Jones, senior campaigns officer at Cycling UK, said: 'Cycling UK always encourages people to go carefully and considerately. People shouldn’t be using the promenade as a cycle motorway, as it is a shared space, but in Bournemouth, if you don’t want to cycle on very busy, fast roads, there is no other alternative.

'The council would do better to create safer networks of high quality routes for people to use. In the meantime, £12,000 for four signs seems a bit excessive. Maybe the money would be better spent addressing the few troublemakers, rather than vilifying all cyclists.'

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