Laura Sharman 12 September 2017

Council leader cleared of ‘spurious’ corruption allegations

Council leader cleared of ‘spurious’ corruption allegations

A police investigation into allegations of corruption against the leader of North Lanarkshire Council has been dropped.

A criminal investigation was launched after the council received an anonymous letter about corruption in its procurement processes.

Council leader, Jim Logue, has now been cleared of any wrongdoing by Police Scotland. Cllr Logue branded the allegations as ‘spurious’ and a waste of time for the police and the council.

In a statement, he said: ‘Last year, I ensured there was a proper investigation into allegations of corruption in procurement based on anonymous but credible allegations, something other politicians would be extremely cautious about doing.

‘Anyone who knows me and the way I go about my business knows that I would never be involved in fraud or corruption of any kind. I am very grateful for the support of my family and my colleagues during what has been an extremely difficult time.’

‘This whole episode has been a failed smear attempt. But the people who are complicit in that smear attempt should know this: I will never be diverted from my role in leading a forward-thinking council which achieves, and will continue to achieve, great things for the communities of North Lanarkshire.’

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