William Eichler 29 November 2017

Council launches apps for children in care to share views

Council launches apps for children in care to share views

Norfolk County Council has launched two new apps designed to help vulnerable children and young people in Norfolk share their views and feelings.

MOMO One and MOMO Express are secure apps accessible to children in care, care leavers and all other children with a social worker, or support worker – including children with education, health and care plans (ECHPs).

The express version of the app is for younger children, or those with additional needs, and is designed for use alongside the child’s social worker or support worker.

Stuart Dark, acting chairman of the Children’s Services Committee at the county council, says the MOMO — or Mind of My Own — apps will give vulnerable children and young people ‘a safe and fast way to share what they are feeling, on their terms, when they want to.’

‘Some young people find it more comfortable to communicate this way, rather than sharing their views face to face,’ said Mr Dark.

‘Of course that doesn’t mean that they won’t still meet regularly with their social worker, or support worker – this just gives them more ways to talk to us and let us know their feelings and wishes.’

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