Laura Sharman 09 March 2016

Commission warns against complacency against electoral fraud

Commission warns against complacency against electoral fraud

Nearly 500 cases of alleged electoral fraud was reported to the police last year, according to figures published by the Electoral Commission.

Out of the 481 cases reported to the police, the data shows that three people were convicted of submitting fraudulently completed nomination forms. The police also dealt with 184 other complaints about elections that did not relate to electoral fraud.

The Commission has outlined the work that is underway to help prevent and detect fraud ahead of the elections on 5 May 2016.

Jenny Watson, chair of the Electoral Commission said: ‘Proven cases of electoral fraud remain relatively rare across the UK, but no one can afford to be complacent about the impact that fraud can have. We know from our work that it is campaigners, candidates and their supporters who commit electoral fraud and voters who are the victims.

‘We will once again be working with everyone involved with elections to ensure that risks are monitored and tackled through sustained and coordinated action across the country.’

Updated guidance on electoral fraud has been published for police forces, who each have identified a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) officer for election related crime.

The Commission will also be conducting targeted work in areas where there is a higher risk of electoral fraud allegations.

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