William Eichler 20 February 2017

Birmingham chief executive announces resignation

Birmingham chief executive announces resignation

The chief executive of Birmingham City Council has announced he is moving on after being part of the council’s ‘challenging journey of improvement and reform’.

In a statement issued yesterday, Mark Rogers said although he was leaving his position, he was ‘proud’ of his team and wished them well in the authority’s ‘modernisation journey’.

‘Birmingham City Council has been on a challenging journey of improvement and reform over the past three years and I am hugely proud of the team I have worked with to deliver much needed changes in culture, practice and performance,’ he said.

‘I leave the council in a much stronger position than when I joined it and, with the proposed budget and transformation plans set out for the next two years, now is a good time to pass on the baton.’

‘I look forward to my colleagues future successes as I know that they can build on firm foundations and continue the modernisation journey we have started together,’ he added.

Leader of the council, Cllr John Clancy said: ‘I’d like to thank Mark for his hard work and commitment over the past three years during what has been the most difficult and challenging of times for Birmingham City Council.

‘I wish Mark all the very best for the future.’

A source told The MJ that Cllr Clancy had a ‘gun to his head’ before deciding to oust Mr Rogers.

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