William Eichler 12 December 2018

Young people ‘pessimistic’ about future

Young people ‘pessimistic’ about future

Millennials are ‘deeply uneasy’ about their futures, according to a new report into social mobility in the UK.

The survey, published by the Social Mobility Commission, shows that just 15% of 18 to 24 year olds think their generation has the best chance of moving up in society.

Just 13% say their generation will have the best standard of living, and 12% believe they will fare best in terms of personal finances compared to older generations.

‘If we fail to act too many young people will continue to face challenges getting into colleges, universities and employment,’ said commission chair Dame Martina Milburn.

‘We all need to do more to tackle these issues, but there needs to be renewed focus from government, educators and employers.’

The social mobility barometer polls over 5,000 people and is carried out by YouGov.

It also revealed 40% of people think it is getting harder for those from disadvantaged backgrounds to move up in society.

Over half of the respondents think central Government should be doing more to improve social mobility, followed by local government (39%), schools (36%), and employers (36%).

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