William Eichler 27 November 2017

Whitehall should tell more ‘coherent story’ about infrastructure investment, report says

Whitehall should tell more ‘coherent story’ about infrastructure investment, report says

More than half of people in the UK rank housing as the most important investment priority for the country, infrastructure specialists say.

A new report published by Copper Consultancy in partnership with TLF Research found that while housing was a priority for the majority of people, it was closely followed by renewable energy and major roads.

Overall, the research revealed the majority of UK citizens support infrastructure investment, but do not feel there is enough information available on the future of infrastructure and housing.

Almost 60% of people stated they would be more interested in infrastructure and development projects if the benefits were clearly explained.

‘What’s clear from the research is that the public wants the opportunity to support infrastructure investment, but unless they understand the benefits, people do not feel equipped to get involved,’ said Linda Taylor, managing director of Copper Consultancy.

‘The public wants support in linking projects to day to day life and experiences. We’re left with an investment-benefit disconnect.

‘The Government and industry have an opportunity to tell a coherent story about the real life benefits that investment in infrastructure and housing delivers.

‘Our research shows that when the benefits are made clear, the public is supportive. If we achieve this, public support for infrastructure could lead to fewer delays to projects and the benefits of infrastructure will be realised sooner.’

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