Austin Macauley 28 August 2015

Thurrock rejects parish council plans

Thurrock rejects parish council plans

Councillors in Thurrock have narrowly decided against establishing a new parish council for a housing estate in the Essex borough despite two consultations coming out in favour of the proposal.

Plans for a parish council covering the Frost estate area in Corringham have been debated over the last year via a community governance review following a petition from residents.

Some 17 members voted in favour of a parish council while 20 voted to maintain the status quo.

During the meeting it was reported that although council consultations had favoured the move, ‘new facts and figures had come to light, leading to an increasing number of people speaking out against the plan or changing their mind’ over the last 12 months.

One of the main reasons for pursuing a parish council has been the state of private roads on the estate.

Thurrock Council said it would work with residents and a shadow parish council ‘if that was the way forward’ – or help to create a residents’ group capable of seeking funding if no new local council was agreed.

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