Thomas Bridge 16 November 2012

Sheffield City Council estimates 600 staff to be cut

Sheffield City Council has estimated that up to 600 jobs could be lost during continuing budget restrictions next year.

Savings of at least £50m are required to be made at the town hall in 2013 and Sheffield City Council has stated that a number of roles will be cut through voluntary early retirement, voluntary severance and by the closing of unfilled vacancies.

To help close the town hall’s budget gap employees are also being asked to reduce hours and take career breaks.

The final figure on the actual number of jobs to be lost will become known to Sheffield next year and the council is currently informing the Government about the extent of their reductions.

Trade unions have been made aware of the forecasted figure and continuing discussions are taking place.

Over the last two years, the authority has achieved savings of £130m and shed 1,300 jobs.

Julie Toner, director of human resources at Sheffield City Council, said: ‘We will work hard to reduce the figure and wherever possible avoid compulsory redundancies. We appreciate this is a tough time for our staff and we will work with them and the Trade Unions to lessen the impact wherever we can.’

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