Laura Sharman 12 June 2012

Public sector commits to reducing their carbon footprint

Despite cuts in spending, 24 public sector organisations have committed to investing in their carbon performance by signing up to the Carbon Trust.

The organisations will take action to reduce their energy bills by 25% over the next five years: the Carbon Trust has already helped save over 17m tonnes of CO2 and £600m to date.

Mr James Smith, chair of the Carbon Trust, said: ‘The public sector has a vital role to play in tackling climate change. The public sector can improve its energy efficiency and use its buying power to get new, low carbon technologies going more quickly. On climate change, the public sector can lead by the power of example. At the Carbon Trust we are proud to be working with public sector bodies that are so determined to tackle climate change.’

Lincolnshire CC – one of the local authorities that have signed up – said it had already invested over £1m under its five-year carbon management plan, which has achieved £350,000 of annual savings.

Mr Tim Pryce, head of public sector at the Carbon Trust, said: ‘There is a tremendous opportunity for the public sector to take their financial futures into their own hands and invest in cost savings at the same time as realising significant carbon savings.

It is a chance for them to show some entrepreneurial spirit, boosting their organisational performance, and providing better value for their services. This is why we welcome the leadership shown by all of the participants taking part in our programmes this year.’

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