Mark Whitehead 12 October 2017

Procurement is key to creating local wealth argues report

Procurement is key to creating local wealth argues report

Public procurement focused on local spending is key to creating wealth in communities after Brexit, according to a new report.

The Centre for Local Economic Strategies says public sector institutions' purchasing policies can bring benefits for local businesses and economies.

Its report, Opportunities for Public Procurement Post-Brexit, identifies the need to progress 'the way procurement is thought about, before outlining how central government and local places can achieve this progress in a post-Brexit context.'

It calls for ‘beefed up’ legislation based on creating social value and highlights the need for more localised frameworks and approaches as part of a 'new economic urban agenda for the UK'.

The report's author, CLES deputy chief executive Matthew Jackson, said: ‘There obviously has to be emphasis placed upon price, compliance and quality in any procurement process.

'However, I would argue that there is a real opportunity, post-Brexit, to make procurement more socially responsible and more aligned to the wider local economic, social and environmental challenges facing government and our local areas.'

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