Thomas Bridge 26 September 2012

Powers return to Isle of Anglesey Council

Welsh ministers will hand back powers to the Isle of Anglesey Council following an extended intervention period.

Commissioners currently in control of the authority will maintain a presence at the council, retaining the ability to confirm or override decisions made by the town hall which disregard the advise of statutory officers.

Numbers of Welsh Government commissioners working with the Isle of Anglesey Council will reduce from five to three, with Margaret Foster and Gareth Jones leaving the team.

Welsh Government minister for local government and communities appointed the team to take responsibility for the council’s governance in March 2011 following a series of interventions to address long-standing concerns.

In their most recent report, commissioners stated that they had confidence ‘a corner has been turned in respect of democratic leadership on Anglesey’.

Speaking on behalf of the commissioners, Margaret Foster said: ‘In order to sustain this progress the impetus for change must come from the council itself, albeit with a reduced number of commissioners providing advice and guidance as Anglesey’s recovery continues.’

Isle of Anglesey Council leader, Bryan Owen, said: ‘I am pleased to be leading the council into this new phase. It’s very important that all our elected members work together for the greater good of Anglesey as we face a very difficult time in local government where tough decisions will need to be made.’

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