Laura Sharman 16 February 2017

Petition calls for more money to tackle potholes

Petition calls for more money to tackle potholes

A petition calling on the Government to invest an additional 2p per litre of the existing fuel duty into fixing potholes has been launched.

The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) said the investment would generate an extra £1bn a year to help councils repair the local road network.

Howard Robinson, RSTA chief executive, said: ‘A further £1bn annual investment would certainly help local authorities tackle the damage done by under-investment by successive governments.

‘We urge all drivers to sign the petition so that Parliament will have to debate the issue of our potholed, deteriorating roads.’

The Local Government Association has also called for fuel duty to be diverted into road maintenance. It previously said national roads receive £1.1m per mile in investment, whereas local roads get just £27,000 per mile.

Recent analysis by the Asphalt Industry Alliance found the road repair bill was likely to reach £14bn within two years.

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