Laura Sharman 12 June 2012

People unwilling to trust local government with personal information

Only a third of all Brits trust local government with their personal data, and most are unwilling to share private information, according to a new research project.

The survey, by Pitney Bowes, found that some local authorities have ‘overstepped’ the mark when it comes to adopting an over-familiar tone in communications and deluging customers with data requests.

Only 31% said they trust local government with personal data, and the same percentage said they would be unwilling to share information such as age and address.

The survey shows there is a clear line between what is seen as personal data and what is ‘private information’. Most are happy to give basic data such as date of birth (90%) or postal address (87%). However, only 29% would be willing to share their religion and 24% their political persuasion.

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