PULSAR® 10 May 2017



Previously operating the HV clothing brand PULSAR® under the parent company Praybourne Limited, the company announces that PULSAR® will become the corporate trading name from 3rd April 2017.

This change reflects the company’s continuing commitment to end users and distributors alike, simplifying the message and ensuring that the PULSAR® brand becomes synonymous with hi-vis and high performance apparel across all sectors. A new website, www.pulsaruk.com, and logo have also been developed, in the same year the brand celebrates its 10th Anniversary.

The decision to focus on the PULSAR® brand will provide wearers with a trusted source of a range of clothing to meet their needs, including hi-vis, flame retardant, thermoregulating and arc protective solutions. Where regulatory requirements are not specified, individuals and businesses are increasingly selecting HV workwear outside of the conventional colours for their sector. This is apparent in highways, where workers are wearing orange trousers; a colour previously associated to the rail industry. Having all garments branded PULSAR® will make it easier for customers to see the variety of garment solutions available. The flame resistant, thermal and arc protective clothing range Xcelcius® will also be rebranded as PULSAR® over the coming months.

Since launching in 2007, the company has seen exceptional growth year on year; with more than 300,000 garments sold last year. Managing Director Stuart Jukes comments “Our success is attributable to our unwavering core commitment of listening to the market and creating solutions for both current and future worker demands. We pride ourselves on being one step ahead; ensuring that our clothing offers greater value for money, with exceptional functionality and longevity.”

In an extension to this commitment, two brand managers were appointed at the start of 2017 to provide expert advice on product selection and individual requirements. Together, Jeff Worrow and Nigel Goodwin have a wealth of experience in protection for those working in high risk industries, together with strong product knowledge. With PULSAR® already at the forefront of innovative product development, the appointment of Jeff and Nigel will obtain vital end user feedback and ensure that PULSAR® garments are leading the way in future technology.

Visit www.pulsaruk.com for further information

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