William Eichler 22 February 2017

Ofsted announces new social care common inspection framework

Ofsted announces new social care common inspection framework

Ofsted today announced a new social care common inspection framework (SCCIF) will take effect this April in order to create a more consistent inspections regime.

There is a broad range of social care provider and several variations in inspection guidance. Ofsted also uses different criteria to make judgements on each type of service.

The new SCCIF will create a more consistent system while avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

It will follow three principles: focus on the things that matter most to children’s lives; be consistent in our expectations of providers; prioritise our work where improvement is needed most.

‘Ofsted and social care professionals have a shared goal: to give all children the best possible chance in life,’ said Her Majesty’s chief inspector, Amanda Spielman.

‘The intention of our three principles is exactly this.’

The SCCIF is based in part on the 200 responses to an online consultation, a pilot scheme and face-to-face meetings with interested individuals.

‘I am pleased that sector leaders and providers responded so positively to our consultation on the framework, and we will continue to engage with them as we implement and evaluate it,’ commented Ms Spielman.

Eleanor Schooling, Ofsted national director of social care, said: ‘The SCCIF is an important step forward in Ofsted setting out clearly and consistently what we think matters most to children’s lives wherever they live or receive help.

‘For the first time, we are setting out the same expectations for all social care establishments and agencies while still recognising the unique work that they do.

‘We think this not only makes it clearer and more consistent for providers but also sets out how our inspections will consistently focus on the difference providers are making to children’s lives.’

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