William Eichler 13 June 2018

North Tyneside saves over £100,000 thanks to children’s charity

North Tyneside saves over £100,000 thanks to children’s charity

A local authority has saved more than £100,000 and reduced the flow of children into care by 16% thanks to its partnership with an ‘innovative’ charity.

North Tyneside Council has been working with the charity Safe Families for Children since early 2015 and has reported ‘extremely positive outcomes across the region.’

Struggling families are referred to the charity by the local authority when facing challenges such as isolation or mental or physical health difficulties.

Families are matched with volunteers from the local community who provide support through mentoring, overnight hosting of children, or by providing resources.

North Tyneside saw 66 families actively supported by the charity’s volunteers and 158 children benefit from support. The estimated cost avoidance for the council was £112,324.

‘We are excited to see various benefits evident as a result of Safe Families support, much of which is reinforced by survey feedback and case reviews,’ said Cllr Peter Earley, cabinet member for Children, Young People and Learning.

‘Case information evidences significant improvements in family stability and home conditions for the families we have worked with.

‘Whilst much of early help intervention is difficult to measure or place monetary value against, Safe Families is clearly benefitting families who need that early support and preventing situations from escalating further.’

Keith Danby, chief executive of Safe Families for Children, said: ‘North Tyneside Council has been a key partner of ours in the North East and their team have worked with dedication and commitment with us to ensure children and families have appropriate and constructive support.

‘Their willingness to innovate and prioritise vulnerable children and families has resulted in extremely positive outcomes across the region.’

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