William Eichler 05 February 2018

New planning rules to encourage developers to build ‘upwards’

New planning rules to encourage developers to build ‘upwards’

Housing secretary Sajid Javid yesterday confirmed Government backing for planning rules that will make it easier to extend buildings in inner cities in a bid to build a ‘new generation of town houses’.

The new rules will make it easier to build upwards on existing blocks of flats and houses as well as shops and offices - provided they remain in keeping with the roofline of other buildings in the area.

This will ensure local authorities are able to protect valuable open space in inner city areas, maintain the character of residential areas, safeguard people’s privacy, and stop unwanted garden grabbing.

‘The answer to building new homes isn’t always an empty plot, or developing on a derelict site,’ said Mr Javid.

‘We need to be more creative and make more effective use of the space we already have available.

‘That’s why we are looking to strengthen planning rules to encourage developers to be more innovative and look at opportunities to build upwards where possible when delivering the homes the country needs.’

This policy will be included in the revised draft National Planning Policy Framework, which is due for consultation in early 2018.

Research published last year found more than 40,000 new homes could be built on London’s rooftops.

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