Laura Sharman 09 September 2013

New measures make it easier to create new parish councils

It will be easier to create a new parish council in the future, under new measures announced by local government minister, Don Foster.

The number of petition signatures needs to create a new parish council will be reduced from 10% of the local population to 7.5%. Local authorities will also need to decide on parish council applications within a year, speeding up the decision process.

Don Foster Mr Foster has cut red tape surrounding new parish councils.

The measures will also make it easier for community groups to set up town and parish councils by removing the needs for them to produce a petition if they have created a neighbourhood plan.

Mr Foster said: ‘The process for creating parishes will continue to be robust, with the local authority retaining the power to decide whether a new parish should be set up. The difference for campaigners and local councils will be a far easier, quicker and more democratic process.’

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