Dominic Browne 17 April 2012

Mayors’ powers should extend beyond city limits

Directly elected mayors' powers should extend beyond city boundaries in order to ‘foster economic growth,' according to new research by the University of Warwick.

The Warwick Commission’s summary report into mayors was published on Monday in advance of referendums on 3 May, where ten English cities will decide whether to replace their council leadership model with a London-style mayor.

The Commission’s report raises a series of concerns over the Government’s current mayoral proposals, including the lack of specified powers for mayors, the lack of detailed scrutiny arrangements and the leaders' remits.

‘Mayors are more likely to be effective, both in supporting the economy and making effective decisions for local citizens, if they are responsible for functioning economic areas,' the Commission claims. 'There is no point in electing a mayor whose remit does not cover the necessarily boundary spanning regions that could foster economic growth.'

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