MP Filtri 13 July 2017

MP Filtri

MP Filtri

Effective filtration of diesel fluids prevents breakdowns & increases the life expectancy of expensive components!

MP Filtri has designed a NEW bespoke diesel filtration unit featuring an ICM (In-line Contamination Monitor). The new GRM503 is an essential piece of equipment for production line cleanliness & can be used in a wide range of sectors, from industrial through to mobile!

Designed specifically for diesel fluids, the GRM503 transfers & filters fluid as well as monitoring the cleanliness of the fluid via the ICM.

The ICM automatically measures & displays particulate contamination, moisture & temperature levels.

  • Large dirt holding capacity
  • Water removal
  • Flow rate up to 50l/pm
  • Fast clean up times
  • High efficiency filtration
  • Compact solution
  • Mobile unit
  • Quick & easy to set up
  • In-line contamination monitor (ICM) fitted
  • Calibrated to relevant ISO standards
  • Various communication protocols as standard
  • Data logging & 4000 test result memory
  • USB download option from the ICM
  • ICMUSBi fitted as standard for connection to PC/ LPA View software
  • Reduced equipment downtime

MP Filtri is recognised worldwide as a global manufacturing leader in the hydraulic filtration market. We design and manufacture to the highest of quality standard with Contamination Control being our speciality. Customers who use MP technology benefit from improved system efficiency, reduced downtime and money savings!

For all enquiries, please contact our Sales department on +44(0) 1451 822522 or alternatively, please email Or visit

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