William Eichler 26 July 2017

London borough builds first council houses in 30 years

London borough builds first council houses in 30 years

A London borough has started work on its first new council houses in 30 years, the majority of which are classed as ‘affordable’.

Sutton Council’s £28m new build programme will see 93 new homes delivered across three sites.

The new build will offer a mix of one, two and three-bedroomed homes suitable for families, including ten that are wheelchair accessible. Over 90% will be affordable homes.

‘This truly is a groundbreaking event,’ said Cllr Jayne McCoy, chair of Sutton Council’s housing committee.

‘It’s been almost 30 years since the last council houses were built in the borough- not through lack of political will, but lack of funding opportunities.

‘But now we can deliver, I am proud that we have demanded high quality design that will provide an excellent living environment for residents, enhances the local streetscape, and maximises the number of affordable homes to rent.’

Sutton Council’s last council housing was built in 1989 at Crownbourne Court in St Nicholas Way, Sutton.

Funding for the new project has been provided with borrowing from the HRA (Housing Revenue Account) and money reinvested from right to buy sales.

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