Mark Whitehead 22 December 2016

Lambeth’s ‘controversial’ plan to rebuild housing estate lawful, says judge

Lambeth’s ‘controversial’ plan to rebuild housing estate lawful, says judge

Lambeth council's controversial plan to rebuild a housing estate has been ruled lawful by a high court judge.

Mr Justice Holgate dismissed a challenge to the council over its proposals for Cressingham Gardens estate and refused the claimant leave to appeal.

Lambeth’s cabinet approved a recommendation to rebuild the estate earlier this year as part of plans which it says will provide more and better homes.

It would mean demolishing all 306 homes which the council says would mean no loss of social housing but will provide at least an extra 158 homes, half of them affordable.

Residents have vigorously opposed the plan, however, saying it would destroy the community and lead to higher rents and increased prices for people wanting to buy their own homes.

Matthew Bennett, Lambeth's cabinet member for housing, said: 'I hope that this ruling ends the uncertainty that Cressingham residents have faced over the past six months since this legal challenge was launched.

'Despite a huge shortfall in our budget to improve every council home in Lambeth, we are still committed to providing all our tenants with a high-quality home, and rebuilding the estate is the best way to do this.'

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