William Eichler 02 November 2017

Investigation concludes ‘Christian’ child happy with Muslim foster parents

Investigation concludes ‘Christian’ child happy with Muslim foster parents

An inquiry by Tower Hamlets council into allegations a Muslim couple fostering a ‘Christian’ child have coerced her into following their faith has concluded the allegations were baseless.

A media storm erupted last August when the five-year-old’s mother told a national newspaper the child was prevented from eating pork and had her crucifix removed among other allegations.

The Times controversially headlined the story, ‘Christian child forced into Muslim foster care.’

Tower Hamlets LBC’s corporate director of children’s services, Debbie Jones, wrote to the newspaper in question at the end of the month saying a family member of the girl would now care for the child, a move the council had been working on for some time.

However, an investigation by a senior social worker at the council has concluded the allegations were false.

‘Although the mother disputes the findings, the local authority is satisfied that at all times the foster carers provided warm and appropriate care to the child,’ a council statement said.

‘The local authority has been impressed with the care and commitment shown by the carers to the child. This is reflected in the child’s description and reaction to the carers and the MGM’s [maternal grandmother] positive relationship with them.’

The child’s maternal grandmother has been ‘distressed and angered’ by the allegations against the foster carers which she has said were ‘false and lies’, according the council statement.

The social worker also reported being concerned that the child’s mother and contact workers repeatedly question the child about her foster carers during contact hours. This is being investigated.

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