Mark Whitehead 14 September 2016

Improving ‘wellbeing’ key purpose of local government

Improving ‘wellbeing’ key purpose of local government

A leading charity has joined forces with global leaders to produce advice for councils on how to improve people's sense of wellbeing.

A report by the Carnegie UK Trust and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) says the mechanisms for measuring societal wellbeing are now well established nationally.

But it says 'improving governance through wellbeing frameworks at city and regional levels is a vital next step.'

The report, Sharpening our Focus, Guidance on Wellbeing Frameworks for Cities and Regions, gives examples of projects in North America, Europe and Australia.

Martyn Evans, chief executive of The Carnegie UK Trust, said: 'Improving wellbeing in its broadest sense, encompassing social, environmental and economic outcomes should be the key purpose of governments at all levels.

'Where you live affects your access to jobs, income, housing and your quality of life.

'Knowing about differences in wellbeing increases local policymakers’ knowledge of their population, which leads to better planning.

'It provides a starting point for tackling inequalities in opportunities that exist between and within regions and local areas.'

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