William Eichler 23 September 2016

Hull announces £100m investment into cultural infrastructure

Hull announces £100m investment into cultural infrastructure

Hull has launched ‘ambitious’ plans to invest £100m in cultural infrastructure in order to capitalise on its tenure as the UK City of Culture 2017.

The council is investing £100m in the city's cultural and visitor infrastructure - its biggest such investment for over 70 years - in a move expected to attract an additional £300m of investment from other public and private sector funders.

This new funding will go towards building a brand new 3,500-seat Hull Venue, and revitalising the Old Town, Fruit Market and waterfront.

The council also announced yesterday the launch of its Cultural Strategy 2016-2026, which is designed to put culture and the arts at the heart of Hull's regeneration and development.

This will involve a bid to make Hull Old Town a UNESCO World Heritage site and a £30m funding bid for projects that will allow the city to exploit its historic role as Yorkshire's Maritime City.

Since winning its UK City of Culture bid in 2013, Hull council reports a £1bn boost in investment.

It has seen the completion of plans by Siemens to build a £310m offshore wind manufacturing plant at Alexandra Dock and the £200m Energy Works development opened by Hull-based Spencer Group.

It has also benefited from RB's £100m investment in a research and development centre and the University of Hull's £90m investment in new facilities.

‘20 November 2013, the day Hull won UK City of Culture status, was hailed by many as the day that Hull changed forever, and this is certainly coming true,’ said council leader Stephen Brady.

‘We've had significant investment in the city and have welcomed global businesses like Siemens to Hull, creating well paid jobs for local people. Coupled with the capital investment in our cultural and visitor infrastructure, confidence is high, perceptions of the city are changing and aspiration is growing.

‘Our Cultural Strategy demonstrates our long-term commitment to harnessing one of Hull's greatest assets not just to change our city, but to improve the lives and opportunities of everyone who lives, works, visits and invests here. For Hull, 2017 is just the beginning.’

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