Laura Sharman 17 July 2017

Hackers use mayor's profile to make racist posts

Hackers use mayor's profile to make racist posts

The mayor of Leeds has been forced to speak out after suffering a barrage of online abuse when hackers posted racist comments in her name.

Cllr Jane Dowson said she has received direct threats to her Twitter account after her Facebook page was illegally used to post anti-Polish comments.


‘This is a disgusting attempt to stir up hatred between our incredible communities in Leeds and I would not usually give such appalling trolls the time of day,’ said Cllr Dowson. ‘Dealing with online abuse has sadly become part of everyday life when you’re in the public eye.

‘Anyone who knows me knows how much I abhor discrimination or abuse of any form of any community. This is a pathetic attempt from the other side of the world to cut and paste my image on a tirade of vile abuse.’

Cllr Dowson said the police are investigating the incident.

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