Mark Whitehead 13 October 2017

Councils awarded £20m to improve children's services

Councils awarded £20m to improve children's services

A multi-million pound government initiative aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable children and families has been announced.

Robert Goodwill, Minister for Children and Families, said up to £20m had been set aside for a new programme to help all councils improve their services - with 'a sharp focus on making sure those at risk of failure can make vital improvements.'

He said the programme would give councils the tools they need to build stronger services for the most vulnerable children, including tailored peer support and bringing in more councils to the Partners in Practice programme.

At the same time the Department for Education announced that a new What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care will be opened to 'develop a powerful evidence base that supports best practice on the frontline.'

Mr Goodwill said 36 local authorities were no longer subject to government intervention since 2010 and independent children’s social care trusts set up in Doncaster and Slough were having a positive impact.

'There is nothing more important than the safety and wellbeing of children. Yet, too many young people, and their families, are being let down by poor quality services – or worse, left at risk of harm.

'That is why we must take decisive action where performance is not good enough.

'My commitment is that we will build a self-improving system, one that spots where challenges are emerging, and quickly puts the right support in place.'

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