Mark Whitehead 10 November 2017

Councils awarded £18m to help deal with impact of migration

Councils awarded £18m to help deal with impact of migration

English councils will be given access to an extra £18m to help alleviate pressures on local services resulting from recent migration, the Government has announced.

The grants are the second stage of the £100m Controlling Migration Fund announced last year following an initial allocation of £15m in July.

Communities minister Lord Bourne said the money would go towards services such as housing, education and health.

Many of the projects supported would provide English language lessons and would include education around British values and social norms.

Lord Bourne said the Government recognised that local authorities understand their local communities best and could identify pressures on services resulting from high, concentrated or short-term migration.

'In some places population change in a short space of time has put pressure on local services and we’re clear there are things we can do to address these problems.

'This new funding will help councils rise to the challenge of reducing the impact of migration on local communities in a variety of ways – whether that’s tackling the small minority of landlords who damage neighbourhoods with overcrowded properties or providing English language classes to ensure effective integration.'

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