Laura Sharman 27 June 2017

Council to sell homes on the open market

Council to sell homes on the open market

Bristol City Council is set to build and sell houses on the private market for the first time, paving the way for a new council housing company.

The proposed housing development includes 52 social rented homes, with the remaining 78 to be sold by the council. The money raised through the sales would be reinvested to support the construction of new council housing.

This would be the first time the council has built houses for sale on the private market, and if successful it is hoped it could be the model for the new council housing Delivery Company.

Marvin Rees, mayor of Bristol, said: ‘This is the first time we have used this model of building homes for sale on the open market, and we are hoping this can pave the way for our new housing company to deliver more housing for the whole city.

‘We are not just building houses, we are trying to build mixed, balanced communities where people feel they belong.’

The council hopes planning consent for the development will be received by the end of the year, with the scheme due for completion in 2020.

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