William Eichler 10 August 2018

Council defends ban on trampolines

Council defends ban on trampolines

Oxford City Council has banned the use of paddling pools and trampolines in communal gardens due to health and safety concerns.

The local authority has ordered parents in council-managed flats to remove play equipment from communal areas because of a risk of injuries.

‘Legislation around play equipment provided in communal public spaces is completely different from that for private gardens,’ said Cllr Mike Rowley, executive board member for housing.

‘There are legal requirements in place to ensure any equipment in public spaces meets [the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)] safety standards and is robust enough for constant use.

‘Oxford City Council has a duty of care over all the children who use play equipment in our communal spaces and we take that responsibility incredibly seriously.’

According to RoSPA, up to half of all A&E admissions for injuries in the home sustained by children under 14 are caused by trampolines.

‘We do not want to take the risk in a communal garden with a store-bought, raised trampoline that has no side netting,’ said Cllr Rowley.

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