William Eichler 30 August 2018

Council apologises for ‘failing’ disabled boy’s family

Council apologises for ‘failing’ disabled boy’s family

Doncaster council has admitted to ‘failing’ the family of a disabled boy after they waited three years for the council to provide them with the special adaptations their home required.

The family was first assessed by the council in 2014 as needing help with housing and were placed on its accessible housing register.

The boy, who is incontinent and cannot walk by himself, sleeps in a bedroom which is too small to store the special equipment he needs to move about. The parents have to carry him from room to room which puts them at risk of injury.

Following an investigation by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council has agreed to complete the adaptations required at the family’s home.

It will also provide them with other remedies including creating a proper driveway and it will fund a break for the family.

Damian Allen, director of people at Doncaster council, said: ‘It is clear from the Ombudsman report that the council has failed this family and we fully accept the conclusions and recommendations identified in the report.

‘We have met with the family to offer our sincere apologies and explain the actions we are taking to put things right.

‘We are also checking that any other families currently waiting for adaptations have the right action plans in place so these issues do not happen again.’

‘This significant delay by the council to improve this family’s circumstances has caused the family real and tangible distress,’ commented LGO Michael King.

‘Family members have risked their own health and wellbeing lifting the boy unaided, and this risk is only going to get greater as the boy grows.

‘I’m pleased the council has accepted the recommendations and hope they will now act swiftly to start the home improvements to put an end to the family’s distress.’

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