William Eichler 20 March 2017

Council accuses energy company of drilling ‘without planning permission’

Council accuses energy company of drilling ‘without planning permission’

Surrey County Council has accused an energy company of drilling on land in Brockham ‘without planning permission’.

Angus Energy drills for oil and gas in Brockham but opened up a ‘sidetrack’ – a new hole created by drilling at an angle from within an existing well.

The company argued this does not constitute a new well and ‘doesn’t need planning permission according to SCC’s own criteria.’

However, a council spokesman said: 'We were extremely disappointed to find out that Angus Energy has acted without planning permission and contrary to our advice and guidance so we are currently in discussions with them as a matter of urgency to resolve this.’

In the frequently asked question section of their website – updated at the weekend, according to a spokesperson – the energy company said Surrey county council has not identified how the sidetrack causes planning harm.

‘Any characterisation that Angus Energy deliberately misled its investors and the public or misunderstood clear advice is offensive, wrong and self-serving,’ they said.

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