Laura Sharman 12 January 2017

Businesses unhappy with support from local councils, survey shows

Businesses unhappy with support from local councils, survey shows

Seven out of ten businesses have accused councils of failing to support business growth, in a new survey of a company leaders.

The Business Census 2017, published by Company Check, found many businesses feel business support from local government has become worse in the past year.

In his introduction to the Census, Philip Salter founder of The Entrepreneurs Network, said: ‘Though this isn’t the time to shake things up, it should be a prod to government at every level that many Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and Growth Hubs aren’t yet firing on all cylinders.

‘Pumping more money into LEPs in the Autumn Statement and the rise of Metro Mayors should help. If delivered well, local support should be the first port of call for business owners with a problem.’

The survey shows that the areas least satisfied with their local government were the East of England and Northern Ireland, with London and Scotland being the most satisfied.

Mike Cherry, national chairman of the Federation for Small Businesses, said: 'Local business support is now directed through Local Enterprise Partnerships. To make this more effective, we want all LEPs to honour the commitment to have small firms represented on each and every LEP board, and to be more transparent and accountable to their local business community.'

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