James Evison 27 July 2012

Bristol streets set for 20mph limit

A blanket 20mph across all Bristol residential streets has been passed by cabinet, it has been announced.

The move, which will cost more than £2m and comes from Whitehall rather than locally sourced finance, follows trials in the city and sees all roads that are not dual carriageways with 40mph or 50mph limits considered for change.

The 14 neighbourhood areas across Bristol will be consulted on the policy that the local authority hopes to roll out by 2015. The city already has a wide-ranging cycling strategy, and the 20mph zones also has the support of Bristol NHS.

Speaking at a council meeting on the issue, Tim Kent, cabinet member for transport, said: ‘From the two pilot areas it’s very clear that the new limit has had a real benefit on cycling, pedestrian usage of the roads, and children playing out more in the streets,’ he said.

‘We all love our cars but we must be able to accept that things are different – this is about trying to reclaim our streets. Walking, cycling shopping and playing out all become easier and happier experiences when traffic is moving at a moderate speed.’

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