Laura Sharman 26 July 2013

Barnet Council accused of knowing they would lose parking case

Barnet Council has been accused of knowing all along that it would lose thelegal challenge against its parking charges.

David Attfield - who successfully challenged the increase in parking charges in Controlled Parking Zones - said that council papers show the council assessed defeat as ‘likely’ back in September 2011.

Mr Attfield is now calling on the council to explain why it fought the legal action, spending over £10,000 of public money fighting the claim.

He said: ‘I have a simple question for Richard Cornelious, the leader of Barnet Council. What is the justification for fighting a claim you think you will lose? And will he now abandon any idea of trying to appeal against the court's clear ruling?’

Following the ruling, Mr Cornelius said although the council raised the parking charges ‘too abruptly and rather charmlessly’, the pricing is in line with other London boroughs.

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