Laura Sharman 21 August 2017

Analysis shows 22 million votes were 'wasted' in General Election

Analysis shows 22 million votes were 'wasted' in General Election

More than 20 million votes had no impact on the result of the 2017 General Election, according to new analysis by the Electoral Reform Society.

The report into the ‘first past the post’ voting system found 68% of votes were ‘wasted’ in this election, with 6.5 million people voting tactically.

It revealed that the Conservatives would have secured a majority government if just 0.0016% of voters had voted differently.

The ERS argues that the system is ‘exaggerating divisions’ in the UK pointing to the fact Labour secured 29% of South East vote but got just 10% of seats, while the Tories won 34% of the North East vote but got just 9% of seats.

‘For the third time in a row, Westminster’s voting system has failed to do what it says on the tin – produce a “strong and stable” government,’ said chief executive of the ERS, Darren Hughes.

He added: ‘This surge in tactical voting – double the rate of 2015 – meant voters shifted their party allegiances at unprecedented rates, with the second highest level of voter volatility since the inter-war years. A system designed for two parties cannot accommodate these complex electoral swings.’

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