Mark Whitehead 16 November 2017

100 will die a day due to health and social care cuts, experts warn

100 will die a day due to health and social care cuts, experts warn

Nearly 120,000 people have died because of funding cuts in health and social care since 2010, according to medical experts.

They warn that 100 more people will die every day in future unless action is taken to close the funding gap in health and social care by investing an extra £6.3bn a year.

Researchers from universities including Oxford, Cambridge, and University College London found that spending cuts, particularly in social care, are linked with an increased number of deaths in patients over 60.

The study, the first of its kind to measure the impact on the population of funding gaps in health and social care, also found that increases in life expectancy have stalled in recent years.

It says NHS hospitals performed better than expected in the 2010-2014 but spending constraints were associated with an estimated 45,368 more deaths than previously, mainly care home and home care residents.

The study's senior author, UCL research scientist Dr Ben Maruthappu, said: 'This study demonstrates that despite challenging economic circumstances, the NHS performed well between 2010-2014.

'However, the same cannot be said for social care.

'While the government's investment into social care earlier this year is welcome, it is clear that more must be done, with better modernisation of services, and protection of health and social care funding.'

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