William Eichler 23 November 2017

Public sector organisations collaborate to provide ‘roaming internet’

Public sector organisations collaborate to provide ‘roaming internet’

Camden council has joined forces with other public sector organisations in a bid to deliver ‘seamless roaming internet’ across the capital.

The Connectivity over London project will allow staff and students from certain universities and public sector organisations to logon and access the internet securely in hundreds of new public-sector locations around London.

Established by Claire Priestley, director of IT at City, University of London, Omid Shiraji, CIO, Camden Council and Stuart Brown, director of ICT, University of London, the project will link the ‘govroam’ and ‘eduroam’ networks for the first time.

Eduroam is an international Wi-Fi roaming service facilitated by Jisc that allows students and staff at universities across the globe to connect to the network wherever they are near partnering institutions.

Govroam is available for publicly-funded organisations, those with charitable status and commercial organisations providing services to a state or public.

Theo Blackwell, London’s chief digital officer, said: ‘This is a great step spearheaded by London’s forward-thinking public sector tech community. 

‘Through this common-sense collaboration, public servants will be able to work together and in much more mobile and effective ways across locations, enabling them to meet Londoners’ needs better.’

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